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The A. Johnson Co., LLC
995 South 116 RD
Bristol, VT  05443

Main office: (802) 453-4884

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Chris Breen and Ann Johnson handle our wholesale sales. For information about wholesale sales, please call (802) 453-4884.

Aaron Manley handles retail sales. For questions about retail sales, please call our main office at (802) 453-4884.

Contact information for current and potential log suppliers and timber management customers.

Tom Yager (802) 545-2457
Rob Fields (802) 349-7684
Tyler Gregorek (802) 282-3160
Mark McLellan (207) 214-5500

Note: Our foresters are usually in the field during regular business hours. Questions can be left at our main office, (802) 453-4884.

Suppliers and land management customers should feel free to call them at home in the evening at the above numbers.

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