Quality Forest Products and Sustainable Forest Management


The A. Johnson Co., LLC is a family-owned and operated forest products business producing high quality hardwood lumber for both the wholesale and retail markets. Hard maple is slightly more than half of production followed by red oak, soft maple, ash, yellow birch, and various other species.

Located in Bristol, VT in the western-central part of Vermont in the foothills of the Green Mountains and at the edge of the Champlain Valley, we have access to some of the finest hard maple timberland in the world. Our manufacturing process is focused on producing lumber that is well manufactured and dried to high standards. Our sales staff ensures that the lumber is carefully graded and works closely with our customers so they receive the best quality lumber and the product that will work best for them.

Our retail business sells high quality hardwoods, A full time sales person serves the needs of our retail customers. We are no longer manufacturing white pine for retail sales and have exited the pine business.

We are committed to sustainable timberland management, the production of quality lumber in a safe working environment, and being responsible and engaged citizens of our community.

Retail hardwood inventory


Hard maple flooring installed in Ferrisburg Grange Hall which holds the town offices

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